Thursday, August 2, 2012

Chronically Alive

It's been a rough few days. This past Sunday, due to dehydration, I physically could NOT get out of bed. I gave myself a liter bolus of dextrose+celtic sea salt water over three hours via J tube and it seemed to help.

However, as I was laying there toward the end of the water bolus, and I began to realize that I was feeling better, I should resume my day as if I had not woken up sick. Sure I didn't feel like running a marathon, but I was ok to organize some of the loose ends of my apartment and go out and see my mom.

In chronic illness, we have to realize that at any time we have a little more energy than usual, we need to SEIZE that opportunity to do something that we wouldn't normally be able to have the strength to do.

Since Sunday I have had some very busy, busy days. And I'm finding Newton's theory to be true: an object in motion tends to stay in motion. I have been on the go and I must say, the more I am out and about the more I am able to withstand.

Since having this revelation and also having some really awesome people to look up to, I went out yesterday and bought a not "back to school" wardrobe but a "back to LIFE" wardrobe that consisted of many things but included three really cute backpacks to use with my feeding pump since I am on it 24/7.

My little brother's friend, who had never met me, had no clue I deal with a chronic illness. He was shocked. So this continues to be my goal: to defy my diagnoses and do as much with my life as possible. Right now I am in intensive therapy twice a week, while attending social functions at "The Center" which is for members of the PSR I belong to. In addition to this I see my caseworker three times a week, meet friends Saturday mornings at a coffee shop for bible study, and attend church on Sundays.

But don't get me wrong. If I am exhausted I allow myself to rest.

Rome wasn't built in a day ;)

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