Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Morning After

I feel a little hungover.

No, not with any substances. But with the combined usage of social media while watching the vote count come in. I made way too many Facebook posts as ballots were rolling in, and had even posted a pretty hateful meme of Todd Akin after he conceded. (I live in Missouri so it's relevant).

To my Facebook friends, I am deeply sorry for that.

...except for the Todd Akin meme. I don't think I'm ready to give that up. He pushed a very wrong button, therefore speaking volumes of his character and blatant ignorance.

Which circles back to the topic of this post. And several of my friends were in agreement -- last night was a nation divided. These whole last few months have been a nation divided. I know I'm still pretty young, and this was only the second presidential election I've been old enough to vote in, but I don't believe I had seen things this bad in my entire life.

I had friends, that I deeply appreciate straight up trash talking -- like, trashy, trash talking -- "the other guy". And sometimes even attacking each other online! Debate is one thing. Scrimping like feral cats is another thing entirely.

I had precious few friends that made wonderful, level headed posts that could make sense of it all. That stated their beliefs, without the hate. And I LOVED that. And of course, if it got to be too much, I just would pay attention to updates from my "Liked" pages. Or respond to completely unpolitical posts.

You know what I would have rather have been doing? I would rather have been hanging out with my friends and family, away from the iPhone, doing things that I love. That probably would have leveled my heart rate out of panic zone and when the ballots were rolling in I wouldn't have felt the need to inundate my friends with incessant posts.

That, for me, right now, is not my option. It may be coming sooner and I pray it does. But as it stands, I'm inpatient almost every month. I'm in the ER at least four times a month. The muscle atrophy is getting better, but I still have very little strength to get out. In the real world.

Where I belong.

So that being said, my only "real" connection to my friends is Facebook. Except Facebook had turned into a battle ground. I saw posts from my friends that were so full of hate, and then go post a Bible verse later that same day. these were my friends

I saw posts about how people on "welfare" shouldn't have things like cable TV or be smoking. They pigeonholed a whole people group and basically pegged them down as subpar citizens. these were my friends

I saw posts that would make anybody cringe. That caused uproars and flames and damage beyond repair.

This morning Facebook is a war zone. The battle had just been fought, and there was a victor. I have friends that were accepting, some were excited, and some choose to continue to carry the ugliness, making my safe haven a wasteland.

And after typing all this, tears are springing. Almost as a realization as to how small my world has gotten. How much this sickness has robbed from me, that it would upset me so much the ignorant things some people choose to put as their status updates. It's nothing short of pathetic. But it is what it is.

United we stand. Some of us don't want to stand united, or only want to stand united if "their guy" won.

United we stand. A mutual respect of differing beliefs, different ideas, different faiths...all of it is beautiful. It is a springboard into how we -- WE. TOGETHER. -- can strengthen our country for the better.

United we stand. Which means we don't place blame where it isn't due. And you certainly don't place blame on the parts that YOU AS A CITIZEN are supposed to own. And we don't make sarcastic remarks because we come across an idea that is different from our own. Who knows? That idea may save our nation.

United we stand. White, black, green, gay, Christian, Muslim, LDS (I heard way too many comments about Romney's religious preference. I do not understand why that should ever have been an issue), orphaned, abandoned, together, weak, strong, working, disabled, charitable, impassioned, ingenuous, pensive. We are all the same.

United we stand.

One nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all

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  1. I have to admit I went overboard with posting and even got aggressive at times. It's just such an important decision and I couldn't hold back. So I apologize if I hurt your feelings.
    My heart is going out to you being in such a bad physical state but I pray for you that things will get better.
    So united I stand with you being my awesome friend and survivor Danielle love, Karin