Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Just For Fun

(All pictures on the bottom because I do all of this from a smartphone. Boo)

NOTE: I can't get these stupid pictures is order! So this is a crappy tutorial. But I tried anyway!

I went to Wal Mart today because I was needing some things and desiring some retail therapy too. I found two irresistible bags (four really, but with this being the first week of pay day restraint must be practised) for $6.88 a piece. With some things I already had around  the house, I made two backpacks for my feeding pump now that I'm back on 24/7 feeds:

Picture 1: The two bags. Who could resist? I got the ladybug thinking of one of my favorite little tubies little miss Raya ;)

Picture 2: What you need: Craft scissors (they're sharper), two stretchy head bands (in women's hair care), and your pump, 500 or 1200cc feeding bag, and the backpack

Picture 3: Front pocket is where to slip the feeding pump (this could work for the CADD TPN pump as well from experience). Just coil the tubing with the headband. Won't kink the tubing and holds securely.

Picture 4: Just move the bag with the formula in it to the back pocket. There is enough tubing, I promise! No need for extra holes. There afe two zippers, so you can slip to whichever side you prefer

Picture 5: Make a rather small hole with the craft scissors. Be careful as these are, of course, sharper than standard scissors

Picture 6: Use the second headband to thread through where the bag would normally hang from a hook. Poke both end through the small hole you made in the previous step.

Picture 7: Tie a knot around where the backpack would normally hang from a hook (so hanging the backpack itself from a hook CAN be done...the hook just cannot be too large. That is a flaw. Though, the remainder of the loop from the headband hangs certain amounts of weight nicely too). The feeding bag sitting
upright reduces chance of tubing kinking and the stupid alarms from too much air in the line)

Picture 8: There! You're done! This backpack is slightly larger than Pumpkin Pack's Kiddie Play Pack, so great for little ones and petite adolescents and adults that jever want to grow up. Straps are padded. Doesn't hold a ton of stuff. Pumpkin Packs items are still nicer quality (I have two Kiddie Play Packs) and worth every penny. But if you're penny pinching, here is another option

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