Friday, July 5, 2013

Reducing Medical Waste Idea

Here's a better drain bag for G tube venting (since my geeking skillz are wiped right now it may be all out of order again)

Photo one: red adapter goes into G tube (CANNOT WAIT FOR THESE BUTTONS TO COME. BEEN WAITING MONTHS). Clear tubing runs to teal rubber holder

Photo two: this teal rubber line used to be the loop that stretches over peristaltic wheel for Infinity pump. I just took the whole thing out of the cassette to secure separate clear tubing

Photo three: cut Secur-Lock mechanism off 24in MIC-KEY straight port rigjt angle tubing. Use another red adapter to plug in the extension. NOT VISABLE: Cut the AMT Mini ONE right angle extension for its right angle Secur-Lock mechanism. Why not use the MIC-KEY? AMT tubingnis wider in diameter, so tubing from other bag slides in nicely. It is wound in duct tape.

Photo four: side by side comparison - bag with formula in it un altered. Bag with some bile and air all tubing from bag cut to the thickest part. Enter in Secur-Lock mechanism from AMT extension and duct tape. Would prefer BOTH extension tubes to be AMT but I have small surplus for this experiment. It worked. Easy and no leaks. No extra money.

My motility is in the garbage again. So instead of whining about it I just made some stuff. It worked. I win. Yay me

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