Friday, September 6, 2013

An Ode to The Special Needs Community

To My Fellow Troopers,

All of us know what it is to suffer. To be angry. Throw up our hands, sobbing into pillows at night because we feel we cannot bear anymore. We cannot HOLD THIS BURDEN (...WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN ME...?) for this long.

And then we open the mail-box, met with assault:

"The following actions were taken..."
"You're balance is $$$$$$$$..."
"If you have any questions..."

We have questions. We have LOTS AND LOTS of questions. We fume because there is no answer. We are suprised by silent tears by small and innocent words, because we are reminded time in and out that our constantly evolving normal will not look like anyone else's.

Maybe one day...and maybe never.

Then one order we placed for an item our insurance would not cover ("The item is not justified...") has a message attatched.

We may have paid $100 for something, only to discover...they have refunded the money. They want to pay our shipping.

Sometimes there is such thing as a free a fancy restaurant with two forks and walls in color tones unimaginable.

We care for our own conditions...or we are the care providers. We may even be both. We have to spend our days striving, fighting for what we need. Praying that our God meet us on this path off-beaten. We cannot find the North Star. We have lost our way.

Then there is another who has also been lost and met us by mere chance. And then another. Soon we are allies. We are a troop; a Force to be reckoned with.

Soon we are giving when we are sure we cannot. And we recieve in startling fashion love unspeakable. Words of thanks mean everything to us...we have been there. We are waging a war of our own. Not only to we battle our condition but the ones who are supposed to help us. Soon we can turn to the ones who love us and we are encouraged to keep right on.

Then we look Up. To the one who created It All.

("...I will NEVER LEAVE YOU...").

We win, lose, stuck in our circumstance, caught by surprise, worn and weary and have indeed chosen Joy or Sorrow.

In this life for all, there is only one guarantee: that everything changes.

I will hold your hand...if you will hold mine. I will embrace you, though I m ay not know you. And I will love you, because that is what I am called to do....

That. And I want to.


Danielle Nicole


  1. Beautifully written and such a poignant message for all of us to remember. Thank you!

    1. Jen ♥ I never thought that I would be where I am. No one signed up for it. Yet we are here...and we are stronger together. Always. I love this community. I love to love protect and advocate and shout from the rooftops and whisper gently: we are here. This is what we have to say...

      Invisable no longer.