Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Oral Care For Dummies

Note: gross pictures. I warned you.

I had a molar pulled...

Oh boy.

NORMALLY this hurts...and NORMALLY the bleeding stops in an hour to and hour and a half.

Now I've gone through 16 packs of gauze (32 gauze pads) a bunch of tissues, 5 moistened tea bags and I am only posting this now and may be in the ER soon as I am losing too much blood for this type of extraction.

Please don't be hesitant like me. I know insurance (lack thereof) is a factor and is for me too. There are no free clinics here and the community center only takes the 18 and younger set.

Find a dentist who will work with you. Yes...they do exist. Find help with finances because with chronic illness it also means chronic hole in wallet.

I included pictures that some may recoil at. They are at the end and you don't have to loom at them. The gnarled white with blood tint are all roots (part of one of mine was exposed. The tooth was almost totally dissolved. The paper towels were just as I was taking a sublingual tab (which I vomited so it didn't matter) of 5 or so minutes. Then for fun I rebuilt the three roots the way they were in my mouth (obviously the top woukdnt balance prolerlyZ)

---for those with sensory issues: I have had sensory problems my whole life. This is what hapoens if yoy are compromised and dally in oral care.

---nutritional status: went in with significant malnutrition and dehydration issues...I'm sure it compounded the problem.

Sorry. No fancy talk here. Don't feel well.

Please learn from my mistake.

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