Sunday, September 8, 2013

Useful Product: Benecalorie

Oh boy! Two new products to review!

These are calorie boosters I am using now. Since my rate is so slow and the Vital AF is treating me best of all (through my lovely little G button), I need these.

Good news? I have been able to put down some good lean muscle since switching back to a peptide based formula! So I am gain health and strength and some weight too ♥ gotta love it! My two FAVORITE pairs of jeans fit again (eh...loosely lol!).

Now...onto the review.

Note: Nestle states Benecalorie is not intended for use in feeding tubes.
I am using this in my G tube under doctor's order

The container is 1.5oz in volume. Less than two ounces! I am bolusing this twice daily (at 9am and 3pm), snacks if you will ;)

All pictures are upon first administration.

The substance is milky white, which surprised me as since it is oil based I expected something translucent or even yellow in appearance. There is no noticeable oder. I did NOT taste it...with using a G tube any vomiting is calories and fluid lost.

I drew it up in the syringe (slip tip). It was difficult to pull back and VERY HARD to push through. I put it straight into the button because with it being oil based I knew it would gunk up extensions faster.

There was no real feelings of nausea. The small volume really seemed to be beneficial in this case. I flushed with water and waited a few minutes before restarting my feed.

I began, within an hour, to feel less foggy. I require a high fat diet but also have problems with absorption. Lower fat content depletes my essential fatty acid levels and lowers triglycerides to dangerously low levels (who would have thought?)

It ruined my BD syringe after two uses. Today I washed with HOT water and dish soap. I let it soak for quite awhile and hoping I can preserve this syringe for more than one day. I do intend on investing in a glass syringe at some point for items such as this as well as sticky medications.

My experience was VERY POSITIVE. I did not vomit. It did not cause me any physical pain. I look forward to continued use of this in my journey to thriving.

Included is a current picture. What a difference correct nutrition will do, huh?

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