Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Useless Product: Huggies Goodnites

Note: Subject is incontinence. Feel free to skip

Edited: This product sucks. I don't recommend it to anyone but leaving post as novelty

Those just look like pink shorts, right?

They are...but they serve another function.

These are actually Huggies Goodnites, designed for older children with nocturnal enuresis (or in normal language, occasional bed wetting, which can actually be a problem through the young teens for some children who are otherwise developmentally typical).

Imagine my own delight, at age twenty six, putting these on. If you can, try to put yourself in my own shoes: out of nowhere a new issue arises. I already have to straight cath...and now have very little to no bowel control.

A young adult with no children of my own, changing my own pull ups, buying baby wipes not for the kids I've always wanted...but for me.

I don't want you to pity me. For the love of Pete, do not even go there! Things could be FAR WORSE indeed!

But do these look like diapers? Nope. They feel like pull-ups and I daresay protect even better than their counterpart "brief" style.

Again, I love to think of a ten year old at a slumber party not getting odd looks (as that is about the product's target age). Not feeling so embarrassed.  And they really are quite comfortable. There are eleven in a pack...and they're very pricey. I'm not gonna lie.

As for the function:

Since this product isn't designed for much bowel content it really doesn't contain as well for overnight accidents per se. But it is rather adequate, as my diet is formula and water, basically. So there is plenty let go during the day so overnight doesn't come with nasty surprises.

HOWEVER, this product isn't practical for daily use for someone who needs them...uh...all the time. This product is designed for nocturnal use for kids. There are eleven per pack. I will go through 4-5 in one day. You do the math. For my usage this product isn't practical.

So overall: if you have an older child who weighs under 120lb with nocturnal enuresis give this a try. If your child (or yourself) needs something around the clock...look elsewhere.

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