Monday, December 30, 2013

Post Number 101: What's Next?

Just in time for this upcoming new year, this makes post count number 101, with several thousand page views. I had no clue that so many people would ever read this rather small blog, for sure no idea that people would not only read, but contact me in compliment and/or constructive criticism (and I gladly welcome both).

So on a blog devoted to helping others cope with chronic illness comes the good, the bad, the beauty and the less-than-lovely facets all surface at their appropriate moments. In this time right now, the doctors hold out hands and prescription pads alike in support of trying to keep me in thriving mode rather than slipping into mere existence. I know many, many, many are also in this exact same position right now!

If you know me personally or simply read this blog occasionally you may notice I have some pretty strong passions and some fairly strong language to express exactly the messages I do my best to send out in the name of awareness, hope, and ultimately wellness.

As we stand at the brink of 2014, and a notice of my own doctors being stumped, certain friends for reasons only they know (whether or not they can yet see) have declared that I am near death (and I'm not in all actuality. Most do not understand the true resilience of what it means to be any type of Survivor), and above all this realization that I am not fine with this status quo for treatment for the conditions I face, I salute again Hippocrates, the author of medicine, in his quote "let thy food be thy medicine..."

This is not going to be possible for everyone. Some cannot, and others refuse due to psychological issues, trend to this way of thinking. And whether by choice or circumstance is not my position to judge or scold or be driven to bitterness, I do have a duty to not just myself but others that may benefit from ideas that have either succeeded or failed.

Because right now I still have a few more chances. Not many as I find myself in a fragile state at this time physically and emotionally, but I cannot allow myself to give up out of frustration or suggestion.

Part of this is a grassroots movement to get involved in something outside of medicine. However, since I am still very much a subject for medicine and strange twists of countenance, I cannot lull too far away for my safety and the licenses of several professionals others.

I'm expanding now not just in writing (it's not an on demand skill, I can only write if material presents itself to me) but in how I use up my free time. I have been a huge proponent of small business for years out of personal conviction, and only in the last seven have I had to compromise it in the name of finding a way to deal with medical ailments.

After all of the waiting, I have realized that if medical science could find a safe and positive manner in how to manage many of my symptoms, they would have done something by now. So in addition (not instead) of sitting here waiting, I'm tossing many ideas back and forth for not only better symptom (micro)management, but also to be as well as possible.

One of those is another attempt of ditching conventional ideas about nutrition. It should be duly noted that I have the permission of health providers, am closely monitored (too close it feels like...), and am not in danger of passing away tomorrow. And it may not work. But all of these other ideas aren't either, and at least this leaves me not at the mercy of other people who are confused, stumped, and just worn down.

In search of not only old notes, I ran across a documentary that finally I feel good enough to share here on the blog. After watching it, ideas of how to be involved as I slowly also evolve my nutrition with the diligent help of capable professionals started to flurry out. One of those ideas?

To share with you guys the title of this documentary:

This is the first and only documentary on this subject I feel ok sharing. This is not a crunchy-hippy-quasi-guru-from-outer-space documentary, just simply shows the way food is cultivated in the United States. It's safe for most ages I'd say comfortably eight years old and up. The only reason of my giving the age bracket is merely because of developmental processes of children. Kids in this age range are better capable of understanding what they see, and it will make more sense to them. It is not because of graphic material. This is free of graphic scenes portrayed in most documentaries made insofar of this present time. It follows the story of one factory farm, one sustainable farm, several local farms, and a few local businesses along with the famous Micheal Pollan (author of In Defense of Food and The Omnivore's Dilemma) and input from a few other key note experts on the subject.

So sit back, and stay tuned. More changes will be coming around the mountain this year in not just my life's journey but also in what I have to pass along as I continue to learn and gain experience. Mt greatest hope is that someone out there will be able to benefit from the transparency of my writing style and the subjects I choose to approach.

Happy (almost) New Year!

Danielle Nicole.

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