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You Need A Hobby!: YouTube Edition

Please read the asterisk (*) statements below at the end of this post.
The charger for my laptop sort of just...died. And I've gotten spoiled so much that the mobile Blogger application for Android, where this whole blog was born to begin with, is no longer "good enough" (as it were).

That's "Internet" for "THE APP SCREWS UP MY MOJO" for those who no longer understand English...

But don't feel badly! This post is just for you. I have an *idea* for a post but I am avoiding it since it's a bitter pill, but this blog isn't purely sunshine and rainbows. So before I delve into such a serious topic, I wanted to put up something somewhat entertaining for the long overdue post now that my computer is up and running once more.

And that is: my most recommended YouTube channels. There are a few categories, some having to do with chronic illness and others...not so much.

At all.

Typically I gravitate toward comedy, but I actually also enjoy some spooky stuff as well as rogue politics (no...we aren't "Going Rogue". Calm down). Feel free to shoot an email (widget is in the sidebar) if you own a channel you would like me to visit or if you have on to recommend. Please do not use the comments box for advertising. If you get past the spam filter, I will manually delete all forms of self advertising.

Without further ado...

YouTube and Chronic Illness

I've gotten to talk to Maggie a few times briefly, and she's a burst of fresh air in the chronic illness community. The videos of Let'sTalkIBD are high in camera quality and the quality of content is truly one of a kind. It couldn't be replicated if anyone were even to try. 

Maggie shares her personal ups and downs with Crohn's disease with frequently updated videos. Some of what you may see ranges from details of differing forms of immune suppressants to product reviews aimed at the pediatric-adolescent population and various forms of intervention including nasogastric tube feeding, which is actually how I found her channel in the first place.

Crystal Saltrelli is a certified health counselor who has devoted her trade to helping her clients "Live Well" with gastroparesis (which was my own initial diagnosis). Crystal's empathy and understanding ring true for the masses who struggle with this condition, because Crystal herself was diagnosed with gastroparesis in her early 20's in 2004. 

In 2004 (and later in 2007, which was when I was first diagnosed at the age of 19) Crystal details the sheer lack of information on the diagnosis as very isolating and wrought with passivity and frustration. YouTube did not exist in 2004 (and in 2007 YouTube didn't have any channels that could support what Crystal now does), and support systems were really revolved around the Oley Foundation as principal followed by ambiguous articles on the Mayo Clinic website and support forums for caregivers of profoundly ill children.

In other words, there was absolutely no space for young adults who otherwise are capable of leading a fairly normal life. 

But then came along Crystal. As for the rest, together we are making history.

YouTube: The Comedic, The Creepy, and The Confounding

Countdown Videos: Danger Dolan

"Danger Dolan" is possibly my favorite "countdown video" personality. Among the main channel you will find unique "Top 15" to Top 20" countdowns of horrible recalled toys (see above video) to strange museums and facts about how very disgusting your kitchen probably is. 

What sets this channel apart from other countdown videos is that you get to hear some very subtle yet very funny commentary; meaning that while his opinion shows itself at times in the countdown, it doesn't get in the way of learning about some of the most terrifying cartoons that existed when he (...and I...) were children (who else remembers the "Goosebumps" series -- a bit before my time -- and "Courage the Cowardly Dog"?).

"TheDDGuides" Are useful to gamers (or for those who cannot speak "Internet", TheDDGuides are useful for those who are glued to their computers or PlayStation IV's...the pun is intended if you understand it) more so than channels such as PewDiePie who just plays the game on screen. TheDDGuides go over technique as well as some of the more interesting urban legends beyond the "Lavender Town Theory" and "Ben Drowned". 

(as you can see...I may or may not be a gamer myself...)

Countdown Videos: All Time 10's

"All Time 10's" is a countdown videos that cover 10 facts regarding pretty much everything on the planet: unexplainable diseases, the oddity that is the "deep web", the most abstract bits of history and of course the top 10 blunders here in the states and across the globe (as in Japan really screwed the world over with the disaster at Fukishima).

The countdown here can get a little bit scary for younger viewers, but this video requires you to read the screen...which I understand may be too difficult for a small percentage of the population. If you fall into this category, you may want to skip this one.

Comedians: "grav3yardgirl"

This particular channel also features a little bit of everything, but on this channel Bunny manages to do so in style. Perhaps I am a bit biased in that most of these channels belong to people around my age?

Then again, it's really people my age making a real living off of doing things like making videos. I personally am not one of them, hence why I am making a list of those who can and -- to my delight -- do.

Some of Bunny's trademark videos are a series called "Does This Thing Really Work?", in which she records simply hilarious product reviews of the junk at Target with the blaring label titles "AS SEEN ON TV". 

Some of what you can expect to see include the "no no" hair removal system (it didn't work), spill resistant cups (it didn't work), gloves that dry your hair (it worked), and a mascara that cause your eyelashes to look like falsies (it worked). Other videos will find Bunny traipsing around Bed Bath and Beyond tossing items into grocery baskets set behind her back, commenting on "first world problems" (a popular tag that details frustrations with skeevy clothing chains and internet providers as example), outfit of the day, and paranormal activity. All done in a manner that I personally find very, very giggle worthy.

Social Commentary/Comedy: The Fine Bros

I tripped on this channel chasing "This Is It Productions" and their horrifying cartoon series (not intended for children and even most adults...) and fell in love with the premise. This channel is a huge effort by Benny and Rafi Fine along with camera crew and is soon to feature on the television network "Nickelodeon". 

Episodes visit the reactions of kids, teens, elders, and YouTube personalities as they watch videos with entertainment or sociological value. "Teens React" in particular tends to be the most serious and could even be worth a more bold reference for anyone doing a research paper in an "advanced placement" high school level soc. class (because I have been there, done that, and got an "A" is B.S. Artistry...figure it out. It's also another joke). "Teens" videos have gone over subjects such as the NO H8 campaign, the elementary school shooting in CT (December 2012), the suicide of Amanda Todd, and the Jonah Hill "controversy" (if you can even call it that...).

The more humorous lie within "Elders React" to such channels as HowToBasic, Shane Dawson, and "Selfie".

Political Picks

The Young Turks (TYT) is left leaning intended for those of younger age or lacking in experience in a poitical forum. However, the value increases exponentially when features pan to subjects such as police brutality, the straw man campaign called "The War Against 'Drugs'", and other subjects most news networks will not touch unless you are watching...


I prefer to stream RT live on their own website, but I first found them on YouTube. The more popular podcasts are found on YouTube, but it does not include top hit "The Register"...however, I implore you to please avoid RT America if you are actually looking for news. Remember while RT is based out of Russia, it is an all English speaking news channel. There is no real logical need for RT America since its huge liberal bias cannot qualify as news any more than Fox News can.



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